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  • Is Hair Loss Troubling you?

  • When You Comb Your Hair, Does Your Scalp Show?

  • Do You Spend a Lot of  Time Combing Your Hair to Cover 

    Up the Baldness?

  • Is Hair Loss Affecting Your Confidence and Self-Esteem?

Trendz, Advanced Hair Care Solutions is an International company with Advanc -ed technology for its NON SURGICAL Hair Replacement Solutions and expert  panel of international doctors for its Natural Hair Transplant Division.

Hair means more than aesthetic beauty. Hair brings more Happiness, Improves Attitude, and inspires Confidence.

Do You Want To Do Something About It?

Please pick up your phone or email and tell us how we can solve your hair loss problem. Our pledge is to either Re-Grow, Restore or Replace your lost hair!

To get more information, please visit one of our centers located near a city near you. 

                            Solve Your Hair Loss Problem !

  • Regrow and Protect -

Men and Women exhibiting early signs of hair loss and scanty hair are recommended to try our most effective re-growth treatments for hair fall. Rogaine Foam and 5% Minoxidil  have active ingredients to stimulate hair re-growth and improve quality of your hair. You can compliment this treatment with easy to use hand held lazer X5 made in U.S.A.                                           

  • Replace - 

Our Ultra Custom Hair Replacement System will be designed to completely solve your hair fall problem permanently. If you are experiencing chronic or severe hair loss, our Hair Wigs/Toupees made from Natural Human Hair blend perfectly with your own existing hair and give you awesome look which is simple and natural. Our Full Lace Wigs and Fusion Wigs are unique and gives an appearance as if hair is coming out right from the scalp. 

For Men and Women with scanty hair and are not ready for a hair system, then you should review our Trendz Volumizer Treatment, which is our Hair Building Fiber or Hair Building Fibre.  The microscopic non-detectable fibres when applied to balding areas of the head can help conceal baldness and increase the density of the hair due to special static treatment to the fibres. You can use it daily and get awesome results in 30 seconds. So get your looks and confidence back ! It is an easy and affordable treatment.

  • Restore -  

Natural Hair Transplant is a surgical process of extracting hair from donor area and replanting them in the area of baldness via FUE or FUHT method of Hair Transplant. We have highly skilled  Maxillo Facial Surgeons who carry out this procedure and is the only way to restore natural hair in areas of balding. Please read more about the same at our dedicated page for Hair Transplant.

Talk to one of our hair experts or email us to find, which solution is best for you to solve your Hair Fall problem. Ask about our unique Women's Hair Replacement System. 

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